When the pretender’s seed finds purchase in the fertile soil of civilization… the procession must begin.

It is believed that the fate of all civilization rests on the completion of this ancient ritual—a grueling march into the desert with grisly purpose. It is a journey measured not by the distance traveled or the days past, but by the number of lives sacrificed to the sands along the way.

When a young girl and a long-held secret threaten to put an end to the ritual for good, will the prophecy come true and civilization end? Or has this brutal ritual been carried out over and over… for nothing?

Available for download at http://propheti.ca/

Going digital

Vince new what he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to make a quality digital comic. Initially, the thought of digital was not terribly attractive to me. I knew the proud feeling of slugging a big box of my printed books into a convention hall. However, benefits of digital comics were looking better the more I thought about it. Instant access all over the world, minimal production cost, and experimental 'pay what you want' model to entice new readers. The story was too good and the challenge was enticing. I couldn't pass it up. 

Written and lettered by Vince Twelve

Colors by Jason Wordie

Edited by Chris Wolfgang

Published 2015